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Sa-Tech Engineering- Structural Engineers specializing in post-tensioned, tunnel-formed and <i><u>all</u></i> reinforced concrete structures.
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Sa-Tech Engineering- Structural Engineers specializing in post-tensioned, tunnel-formed and all reinforced concrete structures.

Litigation Support - Structural

At SA-TECH ENGINEERING, we have more than 18 years of Extensive and unique Knowledge, Experience and Code compliance with the design of complex low, mid and high rise Concrete Buildings. Our experience also involves Construction Administration, means and methods, including shoring and reshoring. SA-TECH's extensive experience and expertise can be extremely valuable and a key to the success of any investigation of alleged Construction Deficiency, Construction Litigations and may make the difference in the final outcome of such cases.

Our services also include the following:

1. Technical/ Construction related data discovery and its management.

2. Review of all Construction Documents associated with the case.

3. Perform calculations and 3D finite elements analysis ( if required).

4. Perform Professional Observation of the building, or areas of the building structure in question.

5. Technical opinion and advise

6. Technical Editing of interrogatories, motions, briefs and other legal documents.

7. Technical support, guidance and training for Attorneys, Paralegals and Legal Assistants for Construction related litigations.

8. Review the opposing Expert Witness depositions or testimonies, and assist the attorneys to understand the technical terminology, and the weak or strong positions of such testimony.

9. Attend Mediations, Court hearings as required to assist the Attorneys(s) with technical assistance on the spot with the ability to provide effective Technical tools to question or if possible to discredit unscrupulous Expert Witnesses.

10. SA-TECH ENGINEERING also provides the following services:
      a. Signed and sealed observation reports
      b. Effective presentation involving calculations, 3D finite elements modeling and Code references
      c. Ability to interview and recommend effective Expert Witnesses from the academic world or other Professional fields necessary for the case.

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Sa-Tech Engineering stands for Sa-Tech Engineering, Inc. and Sa-Tech Engineering Consulting Group, PA.

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