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Sa-Tech Engineering- Structural Engineers specializing in post-tensioned, tunnel-formed and <i><u>all</u></i> reinforced concrete structures.
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Sa-Tech Engineering- Structural Engineers specializing in post-tensioned, tunnel-formed and all reinforced concrete structures.

Sa-Tech Engineering, Inc. (1990 to 2011), and Sa-Tech Engineering Consulting Group, PA (2006 to present) were established by Yonah Saddik, P.E, for the purpose of providing the building industry with the most efficient design, while meeting all the needs of those involved. Yonah Saddik, P.E. has over 27 years experience. One of Yonah Saddik's greatest achievements is the development of a construction method which applies tunnel forms to luxury high rise buildings, such as ocean front condominiums, which in many cases save in construction costs and cuts down the overall construction time.

Sa-Tech Engineering provides the very best in structural engineering services to its clients, and prefers to get involved in the early design phases and works closely with the owner, architect, and other consultants to ensure the structure is designed in the best and most economical manner. Sa-Tech Engineering applies its experience to ensure all structural possibilities have been explored, utilizing cost conscious strategies and alternative solutions.

Sa-Tech Engineering has sophisticated engineering programs. These sophisticated programs allows us to build with the computer a three dimensional model of the structure, and apply various loads such as earthquage, wind, gravity and any other applicable loads required by codes. These programs design the structure as a whole according to the project design criteria, and economizes the design.

At Sa-Tech Engineering each project is assigned the personal attention of our skilled and highly experienced principle to ensure project success. Our goal is total customer satisfaction by complying with the needs of the client and achieving a high standard of quality.

Sa-Tech Engineering has extensive experience in providing design and construction administration services of all types of projects.

Please contact our office for further information about our company and the unique services we offer.

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Sa-Tech Engineering stands for Sa-Tech Engineering, Inc. and Sa-Tech Engineering Consulting Group, PA.

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